Roof Fascia Replacement and Repair

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What is Fascia Board?

Fascia is a board designed to protect the roof and the building interior, preventing the creation of moisture. It is usually set up right where the roof meets the outer walls of the building, serving as a finishing edge or trim. It basically connects the ends of trusses and rafters, providing strong support for the bottom row of the roof tiles, carrying the gutter system. Fascia boards are most commonly made from wood, as well as aluminium, vinyl, and plastic. If the fascia board is damaged the structure of your home is vulnerable to damage. Namely, as this board is intended to block any type of moisture from entering your house, postponing necessary fascia replacement is likely to be the cause of mould, moisture, leaks, and yellow spots on your ceiling and interior walls.

Is It Time For Roof Fascia Replacement?

No matter how well the fascia was installed the first time around, clogged gutters, improper shingle overhand, or ice dams which form when the winter is harsh can all be the cause of fascia damage. To find out whether it is in optimal condition, we always advise our clients to look for any discolouration, shingles and cracks in the board. In case you notice any of these damages on your board, it means the time has come for roof fascia replacement!


We here at Flash Roof Plumbing have completed a number of such projects intended to restore the optimal function of the fascia board and prevent any further damage to your house or building. We have the most adequate tools and equipment to conduct gutter fascia replacement in Perth quickly but efficiently. We are also at your service to provide advice on the best type of fascia board for your home.


Flash Roof Plumbing team sometimes advises its clients to protect their fascia board by installing a drip edge. It is a rather simple L-shaped piece of metal designed to direct water away from the board and prolong its lifetime.

Why Flash Roof Plumbing

The first team was formed about 20 years ago, with the goal to offer roofing services that will answer all our clients’ needs. To succeed in this mission, we employed the best team of roofers, equipped ourselves with cutting-edge tools and quality materials, and continued to advance our skills. Today, we can proudly say that we are your one-stop-shop for all your roof-related needs. We specialise in fascia replacement in Perth since we are familiar with the local climate and the most common issues it can cause to your home, especially the roof and fascia board.

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