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I have patent designed my own Gutter Guard -  called Flash Guard which is perfect for most types of tile roofs only.


It will protect your gutters from most types of leaves in australia. The guard is designed to allow the leaves to be blown off the roof that have a common roof pitch of 24 degrees or more . This can save you time cleaning the gutters and problems with water overflowing into the eaves which can cause water to get into the wall cavity and then allow the water to run down the inside walls. 


Most gutter guards allow the leaves to get caught in the guards which allow the leaves to just sit behind the guard allowing this to become a wall of leaves which can cause water build up behind these guards and flow back into the eaves and sometimes still allow lots of leaves to get in the gutter to rust and cause fire hazards.  


Flash Guard is available in all colour bond colours and zincalume to match your existing roof .  


The leaves just blow off the roof with out having to get up and put your hands in the gutter.



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Only suited for tile roofs. Flash Guard gutter guard call me to arrange a free quote.

 This is our original patented designed. Ask for a demonstration.


Why I Need a Professional For Gutter Guard Installation

A gutter guard system which operates at peak performance effectively collects water from the roof and directs it away from the home. If the gutter guard system is damaged or not functioning properly, you are likely to see significant damage to the structure of the house and its foundation. As a result, the rainwater may accumulate in critical places and promote the growth of mould.


Gutter guards proved to be a great measure of prevention against build-up and clogs, allowing the rainwater to flow unobstructedly away from the house or building. There are several types of gutter guards, the three major ones being screens, insert and toppers. These differ in the type of material they are made from, design, cleaning methods you need to rely on, as well as the gutter guard installation method. Flash Roof Plumbing has the equipment and experience required to complete gutter guard installation of any of the three types that best suits your needs.


Adequate gutter guard installation in Perth is particularly emphasised because of the weather conditions common for this area. It is not uncommon for the leaves to accumulate over time, which is why it is important for the homeowners to familiarise themselves with proper leaf guard gutter cleaning methods.

Cleaning Gutter Guards in Perth

After a proper gutter guard installation, we always instruct homeowners to take regular care of the gutters and keep them clean. We clearly outline the benefits of this newly set-up system and list all the consequences which may occur if the leaf guard gutters are not maintained. If you are unable to conduct cleaning on your own, feel free to ask Flash Roof Plumbing to help! We are your go-to professionals for gutter guards in Perth, and we possess the skills and knowledge to complete a range of other roof repair projects for both residential and commercial clients, no matter how big or small.

Why Flash Roof Plumbing

Flash Roof Plumbing was established with the goal to be an all-round provider of roof-related services for all your residential and commercial needs in Perth. Although we started small, we had big dreams, which is why we always hired the most professional, experienced and ambitious roofers in the area. We wanted a team of people who will continue to advance their skills and one day be able to answer all your requirements.


And we did it - today, we are a one-stop-shop for all your roofing needs and offer gutter guard installation, replacement and repair services at a fair price. We wanted our services to be affordable to everyone and are always ready to provide a no-obligation quote. Rest assured that there are no hidden fees with us - only honest and upfront service!

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