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What is Roof Flashing And Why You Need It

Have you noticed any leakage in your roof? Quite commonly, leaks happen around the roof flashing that is intended to protect the valleys, edges and junctions between the roof and obstructions like vent pipes, chimneys or dormers.


Roof flashing represents a thin material installed on a roof to help direct water away from the most critical spots where the roof is most susceptible to damage. It is usually made of galvanized steel and installed around the vents, chimneys, skylights, etc. At Flash Roof Plumbing, we always take the time to inspect your roof, determine where roof flashing installation would be most beneficial, and set it up in such way that the rainwater is directed towards the shingles. Our goal is to prevent the water from hitting the roof deck directly, slowly causing damage to its most sensitive spots.


If there is no flashing or it is not properly installed, you are likely to experience roof leaks. This is why we emphasise the importance of urgent roof flashing repair that will put an end to roof leaks and create a more safe and comfortable living environment.

Fast and Efficient Roof Flashing Repair

At Flash Roof Plumbing, we have the skills, knowledge and tools to provide roof flashing repair and installation for different types of roof flashing, including continuous, base, counter flashing and step flashing. Which one is most suitable for your needs depends on numerous factors, which is why we have a list of questions prepared for you when you call to ask for a quote. For proper roof flashing installation, we need to know whether you have any vents or chimneys on the roof, what type of roof you have, etc. After we are familiar with the specifics of your roof structure, we can give you a more precise project price estimate and advise you on the best roof flashing for you.

Invest in Regular Roof Maintenance

Unfortunately, no matter how well your roof has been constructed nor which materials were used. In time, you are bound to notice some wear and tear because of the ever-changing weather conditions which cause gradual damage to the roof tiles and roof structure in general. For this reason, we here at Flash Roof plumbing advise you to schedule regular roof maintenance to cut the problem at its root. This way, you may be looking at a much simpler and cheaper roof flashing repair, or you may prevent it completely.


We are your local team of professionals who are always at your service to arrive and inspect the state of your roof. We are Perth’s go-to roof experts who have what it takes to complete a range of roof repair and maintenance projects, including roof flashing repair and roof valley flashing installation.

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