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Zincalume Quarter round Roof Gutter with 75mm Zincalume downpipe


Gutter Replacement


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Box Gutter -


Custom made boxgutter made in surfmist with a rainhead in the middle. 

  5 Year Warranty on all Work ! 

Zincalume Quarter round Roof Gutter with 75mm Zincalume downpipe

  Quarter Round Roof gutter.


  Surfmist colourbond colour   



Fall of gutter When your Gutters are installed the very first

time there is no fall towards the Downpipes as they should sit level to

match in with the roof Structure. 


Over time the roof rafters drop in some places from

the roof timbers bowing from either the weight of the roof tiles or the

cupping of the timber. From this low areas form in the Gutters which

make it hard for the water to flow out of the Gutters in some




Also most Gutters were soldered together and in 20 years they

crack at the gutter miters (corners ) or the top of the downpipes haven't

been leveled to be the same as the top of the gutter which allows water

to over flow here.


Position of downpipes around the house. Rule of thumb should be

every 7-8 meters also How acute the downpipe bends are.


Leaves in the gutters. cleaning 1-3 times a year if possible can help .


Soakwell connections- The best method is to be a grate connection.


All these things can make a great difference when replacing your

Roof Gutters to make sure they last as long as possible so please

Give me a call Glen Willers when needing a free quote done on your

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  Gutter and fascia Replacement 

 Gutter Replacement 


  Surfmist Federation gutter, Fascia and downpipe. 

  Quarter Round Roof gutter.


  Surfmist colourbond colour   

  Downpipe Replacement 

Most downpipes need replacing for the sheer lack of fall in the eaves bend part of the pipe. This can be changed to allow more fall without having to change the way the

installed but in some situations it might need to be to look

after the downpipe long term. 


The position of downpipes is a common problem as they are

normally to far apart which can rust the gutter and              downpipe or have been blocked up full of leaves over the    past few years.


Another problem can be the way the downpipe is connected

to the soakwell. I can organise to come out to do a true  assessment of your home if you need any downpipes  replaced or repaired for a no obligation Quote.




 Glen Willers

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  Gutter and fascia Replacement 

  5 Year Warranty on all Work ! 

Manor Red Federation gutter with 75mm round manor red downpipe.

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