Soakwell Installation

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Why is Soakwell Beneficial?

Soakwell helps homeowners better manage stormwater by increasing infiltration into the ground. Generally speaking, they feature a vertical perforated cylinder and perforated or open base that helps build a maximum infiltration area.


Perth soakwells proved to reduce pollution significantly and help keep the beaches, rivers and lakes as clean as possible. Furthermore, they reduce flooding and create a more safe and comfortable living environment for the citizens. If installed adequately by trained professionals, Perth soakwells keep the waterways cleaner and the stormwater traps require less effort and money for emptying.

Stormwater as an Environmentally-Friendly Option

But why would you even bother with stormwater? Because it is considered to be quite a valuable resource. Stormwater is the combination of rainwater and everything it collects on its way. More and more homeowners are starting to use stormwater to minimise their environmental impact and live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Perth soakwells are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that in this area, the stormwater system is separate from the sewers. As such, it is not treated and poor management can cause erosion, distribute litter, chemical pollutants, and sediments to waterways.


Installing a soakwell, you are building your very own system of stormwater management that will help you use stormwater as a valuable resource in situations where the quality of water is not of primary importance (eg. for gardening, car or driveway washing, etc.).

Your Local Soakwell Installation Experts

Flash Roof Plumbing has been operating in Perth for more than 20 years. We are your local professionals who know ins and outs of this area and are familiar with all the factors necessary for proper soakwell installation.


To complete this particular project, we take into consideration the soil type, its capacity, general groundwater levels, the position of the base, and many other essential components. Flash Roof Plumbing professionals know that attention to detail is important because otherwise - all our work will be in vain and Perth and its citizens will not enjoy maximum benefits stormwater can bring.


We are a team of absolute professionals who have conducted countless stormwater installation projects and know what it takes to get the job done right. We know what are some of the most common challenges in the area and already have a few tricks up our sleeves on how to overcome them. We have the best tools and materials to conduct a Perth soakwell install projects quickly and stress-free, with durable results.

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