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Deal With Perth’s Extreme Climate With Roof Whirly Birds System

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The Best Local Solution

Although a beautiful region, Perth is notorious for its extreme climate conditions. Consequently, Perth homeowners continue to search for a ventilation solution that will withstand any weather and serve them long-term.


Here enters roof whirly bird vent, along with Flash Roof Plumbing experts who install them at a fair price! Over the years, we installed roof whirly bird for both our residential and commercial clients who looked for a practical and efficient solution for efficient turnover of air.


Roof whirly birds are designed to force the air upwards and as such represent a practical ventilation solution. They prevent the heat from entering the building or a house through the ceiling, at the same time extracting the heat from the roof. This particular ventilation system features small fins that start to rotate when the wind hits them, creating a vacuum effect.

Types of Whirly Birds

Here at Flash Roof Plumbing, we have the tools, knowledge and experience necessary to install two basic types of whirly bird roof vents in Perth - a passive system which require wind and an active one which is run by turbines even when there is no wind. Which of the two you want to be installed in your home can depend solely on your preference, but we are at your service to advise on the best approach for your home. Flash Roof Plumbing professionals take all factors into consideration and recommend a better alternative that will yield the most effective results.


We are your Perth-based roof whirly bird experts. This means that we know how terrible the weather conditions can be and are well-aware of the most common issues that occur in the area as a result. Owing to our advanced skills, rich knowledge and unmatched customer service, we became everyone’s go-to provider of whirly bird roof vents in Perth.

Why Flash Roof Plumbing

No-obligation Quote - Flash Roof Plumbing is widely praised for its honest and upfront service. We offer a free quote to all our clients and you can rest assured that there will be no hidden fees and costs at the end of the project!


Best people - Since the establishment, we focused on employing only certified experts who also possess a desire for learning and advancing their skills. As a result, we boast a team of people who has what it takes to conquer any challenge.


Best products and tools - We rely on the best whirly bird systems, made from first-class materials. That way, we ensure you receive the product that will exceed your expectations.


Warranty - We here at Flash Roof Plumbing are so confident in the quality of our work and the products we install that we offer a 5-year warranty. This means that if you notice your roof whirly bird is not operating to its fullest potential, you can give us a call and someone will be right over to check it out and fix it - completely free of charge.

Invest in Roof Whirly Birds today to enjoy their benefits in the near future!